Starter set with durable, wipe clean nylon roll bag and Pro Dynamic knife set.

Product Features

  • 8" chefs knife
  • 10" utility knife
  • 8" fillet knife
  • 6" boning knife
  • 2 ¾" kitchen knife
  • 2" peeling knife
  • Utility tongs
  • sharpening steel
  • textile roll bag
  • Remarkably sharp, perfectly balanced knives
  • Carefully forged and balanced with ideally shaped handles
  • Blades made from high quality alloy X 45 Cr Mo V15, which prolongs edge retention, resistance to wear and tear and maximises sharpness
  • Sharpened, whetted, honed and polished by hand for a superior blade quality
  • Handwashing recommended
  • Age restricted - you must be 16+ to buy this product in NSW and South Australia, 18+ in all other areas
  • Age Restricted Product 18 years

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